My research thus far may be grouped into three broad themes:

Tidying up conceptual issues in AI ethics debates.

Current debates about 'AI ethics' are rife with conceptual ambiguities and inconsistencies. Drawing on my training in analytic philosophy, I've been working to sharpen our understanding of the basic concepts we employ when discussing the ethics and politics of AI.

Understanding perceptual and behavioral aspects of AI fairness and trustworthiness.

Calls for AI 'fairness' and 'trustworthiness' often operationalize these concepts in reductive, technosolutionistic ways. Drawing on methods in social psychology and HCI, I've been working to understand how people form beliefs about fairness and trustworthiness through their interactions with AI.

Exploring how ethical issues emerge upstream in AI development work.

My research motivations trace, in large part, to my own experiences as an engineering student grappling with the ethical and social aspects of my work. In turn, I have come to be particularly interested in studying how ethical issues are raised and addressed at the point at which technologies are produced.