I'm Devesh, a student/researcher of technology and organizing. I'm particularly interested in how technology workers attend to the ethical aspects of their work, and how collective organizing efforts in the technology sector might influence the development and deployment of digital technologies towards prosocial ends.

My current work focuses on the downstream ethical and social consequences of AI, especially in workplace contexts. At the National University of Singapore's Business School, I work on issues of human-AI trust, AI fairness and ethics, and algorithmic management. And, as an MA student at the NUS Department of Philosophy, I work on unpacking the demand for 'transparent AI': on what we stand to gain and lose from opening up algorithmic black-boxes, and on how to build a normatively richer conception of transparency beyond simply the provisions of ‘explainable AI’. Previously, I worked at an urban planning research centre, where I studied topics related to the future(s) of work, smart planning in cities, and imaginaries of the future ‘digital society’. I hold a B.Eng. (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering & Design from the National University of Singapore.

On the side, I curate and review content for The Syllabus: a popular weekly newsletter that covers a wide range of topics: from the politics of climate; to the history of economic thought; to AI & automation; to film & theater. I also help facilitate the Singapore node of the Design Justice Network: a group that gathers to explore how design - of technology, policy, artifacts and the environment - intersects with issues of social, racial and economic justice in our region.